California - Mediation Training Links

The links immediately below will take you to mediation training pages for each major geographic region in California.  Please note that NIACR does not endorse or recommend any of the mediation training providers, but is providing these links as an informational resource only.  

Northern California

Central California

Southern California

Mediation Resources in California

California Dispute Resolution Programs Act
This Act provides for the local establishment and funding of informal dispute resolution programs. This web page provides information about the Act and mediator training requirements.

California Courts - Mediation Page
Find information here about mediation in the California courts. The site also contains some information about arbitration programs.

San Francisco Superior Court - Mediation and Dispute Resolution
The San Francisco Superior Court Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR") Program assists attorneys and litigants in selecting appropriate dispute resolution options prior to trial. The ADR program currently offers a voluntary civil mediation program, judicial arbitration program and, in cooperation with the San Francisco Bar Association, an "early" settlement program.

Orange County Superior Court - Mediation and Investigative Services
This website provides information about mediation in the Orange County family law courts. 

California Rule of Court, Rule 1405.5.- Court-Connected Dependency Mediation
Find mediation training requirements for dependency mediators on this web page.

Child Custody Mediation in Orange County - Mediation Training Requirements
This site explains the Orange County child custody mediation program, including mediator requirements.

Santa Clara Superior Court - Mediation Services
Find information here about mediating through the court's Alternate Civil Process Pilot Project.

San Diego Superior Court - Mediation & Judicial Arbitration
This site provides information about the San Diego Superior Court Civil Mediation Program which is designed to assist parties with the early resolution of their dispute. Parties may stipulate to mediation before or at the Case Management Conference, held approximately 150 days after filing. The court maintains a panel of approved mediators that meet specific qualifications and who adhere to court approved mediator ethics.

Los Angeles Superior Court ADR Information Page
This site contains information about the court's mediation process, as well as other ADR programs offered through the court.

Southern California Mediation Association
SCMA is a tax-exempt association of mediators formed as a 501(c) 6, the classification designated for organizations whose primary purpose is the development and promotion of a professional activity.

Complaint Mediation Program - California Department of Consumer Affairs
This agency is responsible for mediating all consumer complaints that are filed against California businesses that are regulated by the following bureaus: Automotive Repair, Cemetery and Funeral, Electronic and Appliance Repair, Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation, Security and Investigative Services.





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