NIACR'S Annual Mediation Blog Roundup

The advent of blogging as a form of internet communication has begun to revolutionize how information is disseminated on the web.  The mediation field has not been immune from this development, and there are a growing number of blogs relating to mediation and dispute resolution that are popping up on the internet.  In recognition of the efforts of these blog pioneers, we have surveyed the field and our findings are presented below. 

Top Five Mediation Blogs

1.  Online Guide to Mediation - Our Editor's Choice
(Written by Diane Levin, Marblehead, Massachusetts) Given the competition, selecting an Editor's Choice was an extremely difficult task. However, we finally narrowed our choice down to this blog which we feel is the best among a field of strong contenders. Smart, insightful, and highly readable, it consistently provides a surprising wealth of information relating to mediation, negotiation, law, and conflict management. It's excellent use of photographs also gives this blog an attractive and professional look. A great candidate to include in your browser's favorite's list.

2.  Mediator Blah...Blah...
(Written by Geoff Sharp, Wellington, New Zealand)  Irreverent in tone, this blog ran a close second for Editor's Choice Award. Mediator Blah...Blah... never fails to deliver relevant content with a breadth of information that is very impressive, making this one of the best mediation blogs out there. Packed with useful information, this blog presents its information in a nice, clean, readable design. It's often downright funny, making it great for reading at the end of a tough day.

3.  Mediator Tech
(Written by Tammy Lenski, Dublin, New Hampshire) If we had a separate Editor's Choice Award for technology-related blogs for mediators, this one would have won hands down.  Mediator Tech offers a gold mine of information relating to technology issues affecting the mediation field. Need tips for setting up a mediator website? Want to learn the ins and outs of marketing your mediation practice using technology? This blog has the answers. It also includes a periodic roundup of links to informative resources available online to mediators.

4. Mediation Mindset
(Written by Anthony Cerminaro, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) This newcomer to the field promises to be a rising star.  With a focus on negotiation, this blog presents its information in a compelling and informative style. Of particular note was a recent article on negotiating in China which was as fascinating as it was informative. We predict this blog will become a staple for mediators interested in keeping abreast of developments in this area.

5. Florida Mediator
(Written by Perry S. Itkin, Fort Lauderdale, Florida) Although somewhat regional in its scope, our top five list would not have been complete without including this veteran blog.  Florida Mediator always contains items of interest to mediators, even those who are not from Florida.  Because of its longevity, this blog also has an extensive archive collection.  In short, this blog is a good read for a mediator in any geographic area, but a must read for any Florida mediator. 

Other Mediation Blogs of Note

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The material provided by this web page on mediation blogs is given as an information source only.  NIACR has not investigated or approved any of comments contained in these resources, and makes no statements, representations, or warranties about the accuracy or completeness of any of the information provided.



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